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Writing Essays

Once you finish prewriting, you are ready to present your poll results in writing. These activities will help you hook the reader's interest at the beginning, explain important information in the middle, and end with a strong final point. You'll also read another student's essay to see how all of the parts came together.

Writing the Beginning Paragraph

In the beginning paragraph, the first sentence is called the lead sentence. The lead should get the reader’s interest about the topic of the essay. The last sentence is the focus statement, which names the main idea of the essay. Any sentences in between give details about the topic.

Write a lead sentence.

Follow the directions below to write two different lead sentences. Then choose the one you like best for your essay. Make a copy of this Google doc or download a Word template.

  1. Say something interesting about the topic.

    Ocean mammals are big and small.


  2. Ask a question about the topic.

    What ocean mammal is your favorite?


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