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Reading an Informational Paragraph and Essay

Before you write your essay, you'll want to see how others did so. This lesson shows you an informational paragraph and an informational essay, explaining each part. As you read them, think about how the writers put ideas together and how you could describe the results of a classroom poll in your own essay.

Reading an Informational Paragraph

An informational paragraph has three main parts. The topic sentence names the topic. The body sentences explain the topic. The ending sentence gives a final idea about the topic. This paragraph explains the results of the poll about students’ favorite seasons.

Sample Paragraph

Listen to “Summer Wins”

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Summer Wins

Topic Sentence Most third graders at Parkview Elementary picked summer as the best season. There are 32 third graders at Parkview, and 20 of them picked summer. Most of these students liked it because of the warm weather and no school. Body Sentences Winter came next with eight third graders voting for it. Playing in the snow and Christmas were the main reasons. Three students picked fall because of Halloween and fall colors. Only one third grader picked spring because of the flowers. Ending Sentence The seasons are all fun, but every third grader has a favorite.

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