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Teacher Tips and Answers

Prewriting for Fiction Reviews

To write a great review, you need to choose a book you enjoy and spend some time gathering key details from it. These prewriting activities will prepare you to write a first draft.

Prewriting for Topic and Character Details

Your first prewriting step is to choose a work of fiction for your review. Make sure the work is something you like and remember well. You can also read something new—a mystery, an adventure book, a novel, or even a play.

Fill in a topic matrix.

Fill in a topic matrix to think about a book you might want to review. Consider books you really enjoy or that you read recently. Make a copy of this Google doc or download a Word template.

What is the book’s title?

The Great Wall of Lucy Wu

Who is the author?

Wendy Wan-Long Shang

What is the book about?

It is about a Chinese-American girl whose life changes when she has to share a bedroom with her great aunt.

What do you like about the book?

I like Lucy. She doesn’t always feel like she belongs, and I feel like we would be friends.

Teaching Tip

If necessary, students can complete the topic matrix for multiple books to help them decide the best topic for their review.

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